What Our Clients are Saying

“Mainstream house helped me turn my life around”

Hi my name is Andre, I can not say enough about Mainstream House, they have saved my life. When I was going through the worst time of life back in August of 2005, I had nowhere to turn. I was 21 years old, I had burned all my bridges and I needed a safe place to stay, this was when I found Bobby’s sober home. The home I moved into was brand new at the time, I couldn’t believe how nice it was. When I met Bobby he guided me in the right direction, with all men in the home from different levels of recovery we all helped each other to stay clean. Mainstream House had rules I could follow that helped me stay clean. He regularly held group discussions and ended up being a great friend. After getting on my feet again I left his home after one year. My recovery continued for years to come and I slowly regained a life I could never imagine. I am 32 now, I have met a great woman which whom I have two children now that I love to death, I have a great career, and now own my own home! My recovery continues to flourish due to the foundation Bobby’s homes have given me, and I am forever grateful for that.


” the bond between us unbreakable; we became family. We learned that we were not alone and that together nothing could stop us.”

My name is Dan O’Connell and I am an Alumni of the Mainstream House. In August of 2005, caught in the grips of drug addiction, I entered a treatment facility. While at this facility I decided to do whatever was necessary to stay clean and was referred to Bobby Hartman at Mainstream House in Riverhead, Long Island. In my active addiction I gave it all away; my family, my career, my spirit. I convinced my mother to help me one last time and came up with the deposit for a room in the house. I left my playgrounds, playmates, and playthings behind and traveled 170 miles from my last home, the streets of Danbury Ct. As I traveled down the L.I.E. to Riverhead the mixed emotions of fear, doubt and self pity raced through my head. The stories of recovery houses being dirty, run down, and dangerous were on my mind. when I was dropped off with $100 of pocket money and a check made out to the house I knew it was do or die. To my surprise I found a clean, well kept house in a good neighborhood. The men in the house welcomed me and treated me as one of their own right off the bat. After al, they were just like me.
    The structure of the house and comradery in the first couple weeks kept me going. I got a job in my profession two weeks into my stay. Bobby’s strong belief that attending 12 step fellowship meetings and getting involved with commitments in those fellowships are the core of long term recovery has helped keep me to stay clean for over three years. I only planned on staying in the house for the 4 month commitment, God had other plans. I celebrated my 1st year while at the house and left 2 weeks later. The tools I learned in the house has provided me the ability to live and enjoy life as other people do. I learned responsibility, respect, and to enjoy life without the use of drugs. I still have the same job today and have received a 30% pay raise over the 2 years – that never happened before! I have had my own dwelling for over two years on my own. That was never possible before. I have made lifelong friends. Most of all I live with dignity.
  The recovery in the Riverhead area is outstanding. The meetings are everywhere, N.A. or A.A. The meetings keep me clean but it was the fact that I had a safe clean environment to go home to that gave me the ability to stay in recovery. The fact that I lived with guys that were struggling to make it on there own made the bond between us unbreakable; we became family. We learned that we were not alone and that together nothing could stop us.
    The life I lead today never would have happened if I had not gone to The Mainstream House. I never did return to Connecticut. I have a house with my name on the mailbox in the Town of Riverhead, Long Island, Remembe,r I was a homeless addict living on the streets three years ago. Today I can say I went from homeless to the Hamptons in one Year. if you don’t believe in miracles just believe that I believe in them. A homeless man living it up on the beach who woulda’ thought ? Bobby did!

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