Mainstream House for Women

Mainstream House for Women is a working recovery home. Our goal is to provide women a safe atmosphere in which to recover and to reinforce lifestyle choices that lead to long-term recovery from addiction. Our experience has shown that by helping women build a strong foundation in recovery and by ensuring that they develop healthy habits, we can help improve our clients chances at long-term recovery.

Mainstream House for Women regularly tests clients for drugs and alcohol. We take abstinence seriously and using is not tolerated so as to maintain an appropriate atmosphere of recovery.

Twelve-Step Meeting attendance is required and clients are held accountable for attending. Twelve-Step meeting attendance is critical for establishing a foundation for a lifetime of recovery.

Mainstream House is a working recovery house. Clients are expected to either pursue their education or find employment soon after arriving. Our goal of helping reintegrate women into society as happy and productive members of that society is not facilitated by sitting on the couch, rather its facilitated by re-acclimating to the real-world. This approach teaches the addict some of life’s lessons that were forgotten in addiction; how to pay bills, how to manage your money, and how to save for the future.

Each week a house meeting is held by the clients. They gather to discuss matters affecting the house, their recovery, and to divide the chores of the house among themselves. This teaches the clients how to work together, how to express their concerns in a healthy manner and how to treat their homes and others with respect.

As the clients recover together, life-long friendships are developed. Clients form a support group of others, both in, and outside of their house, that they can turn to in times when support is needed.

We keep in close contact with our alumni, both those still living in the area, and those across the country. We have often formed close bonds with them and life-long friendships. Mainstream House looks at both our current clients and alumni as family.


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