Mainstream House

for Women


Saved my life!

I have no doubt that Mainstream House for Women saved my life. I had been bouncing in and out of treatment for years and was never able to stay clean. It turns out I wasn’t really giving myself a chance because I kept returning home too soon. Being held accountable in Mainstream allowed me to be safe in early recovery while I built a strong foundation. I developed an unshakable bond with the ladies in the house as we grew together in recovery!


Clean date: 2/5/16

A Special Place
Mainstream House is a special place for women in early recovery. While sober houses are plentiful these days, many exist simply to make money and not to help people recover. Mainstream House is different, the structure is really designed to help women in early recovery acclimate safely to everyday life. Bobby runs a tight ship, we were all held accountable for our decisions and there were no drugs tolerated in that house! I’m a productive member of society today, with the help of the lessons I learned in Mainstream House


Clean date: 6/25/2015

Clean and Effective

Mainstream House is a well run recovery home. The rules allow us the chance to grow and make responsible decisions but still keep us in a position of accountability. Ultimately I credit Mainstream House and my 12 step fellowship with my sustained recovery. I’m still in touch with the women I was in the house with and most are still clean! Having time to acclimate to society while still under close supervision is priceless to people in early recovery. 

Lindsey S.

Clean date: 2/9/15

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